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Business Intelligence & Analytics Elective Teradata College – The only way big data can become a big advantage is in the hands and screens of leaders who master how to define, transform and communicate it in a way that key stakeholders can understand.

If you’re ready to become an Intelligence/Analytics Shark, we’re ready to help you make stronger decisions, lower costs, optimize operations, and achieve new breakthroughs.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Elective Teradata College

This STEM-engineered MBA in Intelligence and Analytics will ensure you meet the growing demand for data-savvy decision makers.

Business Data Analytics

Classes for the Master of Administration in Intelligence and Analytics program are offered weeknights at NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus and online (asynchronously).

The college also offers an Intelligence/Analytics certificate program for non-degree students. Learn more about obtaining intelligence/analytics certification.

NSU partners with over 135 local and national organizations to offer up to 20% off tuition to employees through our employer training program.

NSU graduates can receive a 20% tuition discount from any graduate degree or certificate program. Graduates are also eligible for an application fee waiver and access to a dedicated advisor to assist with the admissions process.

Bs In Business Intelligence And Data Analytics

International students who graduate with a STEM degree have increased employment opportunities and may be eligible to stay in the United States for up to 36 months of additional on-the-job training (OPT). Additional information on eligibility and requirements for the STEM OPT extension is available on the Department of Homeland Security website and through the university’s Office of International Affairs.

NSU offers three MBA majors with STEM status: Intelligence and Analytics, Process Improvement, and Supply Chain Management and Operations Systems.

Open Elective Course – Any course in HCBE except CHS, ISEC, MSIT and MMIS prefixes ( / Credit: 3 )

* Course may be canceled at the discretion of the department chair or designee. Waiver will be considered only after completion of an equivalent course with a grade of C within the last 10 years.

Solutions Engineer Resume Samples

Current students: Consult an Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink to audit Degree Works. Program requirements are subject to change, and an Academic Advisor or degree auditor can provide you with the courses you need for a catalog term.

As an accredited member of AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of , NSU’s H. Wayne Huizenga College of and Entrepreneurship is recognized as the highest standard of achievement in education, offering the world’s degree programs achieved by less than 6% of performing schools. AACSB requires schools to meet standards of excellence in areas such as teaching, research, curriculum development, and student learning.

Enrolling in a program that meets the world’s highest accreditation standards ensures you’ll learn advanced skills for high-level, long-term success and beyond.

One year MBA. If you want to be a change maker in an ever-changing world, NSU’s One-Year MBA program can help you get ahead faster. This fast track program is designed to be completed in just 11 months. Your courses will focus on core principles covering topics such as accounting, project management, entrepreneurship and more. See how you can prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s competitive market.

Universitas Kristen Petra

Covers strategy and implementation to ensure efficient, profitable movement and storage of goods from origin to consumption, including domestic and international sourcing.

Build valuable industry experience solving real-world challenges posed by companies in the region. Identify and analyze complex processes and develop innovative actions that improve core functions.

Gain the management and leadership knowledge you need to enable your organization to adapt, innovate and disrupt environmental changes and opportunities.

The H. Wayne Huizenga College and College of Business Graduate Admissions Office is located in the Carl DeSantis Building, Suite 1115, on NSU’s Fort Lauderdale-Davie campus in Davie, Florida. Click here for a map. Data science has become a key driver of competitive advantage. However, few executives understand the potential of Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA), deep learning and predictive analytics as an enterprise engine.

Big Data Analytics In Healthcare: Promise And Potential

The Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) master’s program provides a blend of analytical and professional skills that will help you become a manager who challenges assumptions and uses data to make evidence-based decisions. You’ll master new tools to help you improve products, services, and strategies as you set your company’s pace in markets of constant, technology-driven change.

The Business Intelligence and Analytics curriculum includes concepts at the forefront of the data revolution – machine learning, language processing, web mining, optimization and risk. Classes go beyond the basics of R, SAS, Hadoop, Python, and Spark to explore key business concepts. The program culminates in a culminating experience where you work on a project using real data under the guidance of an industry consultant.

Businesses Intelligence & Analytics’ industry-ready curriculum is guided by an advisory board of recognized leaders across multiple apprenticeship fields, ensuring program students gain the skills and opportunities they need to succeed upon graduation.

No advanced business education is complete without the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a tangible project. , this takes many forms – mentoring with an industry partner, a research project that addresses industry needs, even the opportunity to develop your own entrepreneurial venture – and is tailored to you, your education and career aspirations.

Disc 420 Business Analytics Zainab Riaz Pdf

The master’s program trains students to understand the business implications of big data and the technology that makes that data useful. In doing so, it relies heavily on high-tech infrastructure, which allows students to directly experience the challenges they face in the workplace. Students develop skills in data collection, analysis, and interpretation in strategic data planning and management; databases and data storage; data mining and machine learning; network analysis and social networks; and risk, modeling and optimization and learn to apply these skills to business problems to formulate practical strategy.

The MSc in Business Intelligence and Analytics can be completed entirely online. Courses marked with (O) are available online.

This 3-credit course covers the basic mathematical and statistical concepts underlying the field of business analytics to prepare students for more advanced courses in the BI&A curriculum. Course material covers linear algebra, differential calculus, and elementary probability and statistics. It does so at an introductory level, but sufficiently to prepare students for success in the advanced topics covered by the rest of the BI&A curriculum. Each mathematical and statistical concept is illustrated through one or more business applications that bridge the gap between theory and practice and show how analytics can be used in business. In addition, the course is focused on data management and database science to provide a seamless connection to courses in the required database courses, while concepts are illustrated through examples from Digital Marketing, Finance and Economics. The Python programming language is used for examples and homework throughout the course, and Python is the lingua franca of the business world.

Corporate financial management requires the ability to understand a firm’s past performance from an accounting perspective; at the same time, it is financially able to project the future economic consequences of the firm. This course provides the necessary study of accounting and finance methods and principles to enable technical executives to make effective decisions that maximize shareholder value.

Business Intelligence Resume Examples For 2023

This course focuses on data and database management with an emphasis on modeling and design and their application to decision support. The course is organized around the following general topics: strategic data planning, data management, enterprise data integration, data management approaches, data design for transaction processing and decision support, data control functions, abstraction and modeling, data and information modeling (ER), object-oriented), database schemas (conceptual schema), database design (functional dependencies and normalization), so programming languages ​​(SQL, DDL, QBE), metadata development and application, data quality approaches, master and reference data management (eg customer and product data), temporal data , data, analytics and business performance, data warehouse access, OLAP, OLTP and data mining, strategic data policies and guidelines (e.g. enterprise data and integration, governance, markets, customers and competitors, Leadership, Analyst and knowledge worker skills and training, Analyst communities). There are many case studies and modeling projects throughout the course.

This course focuses on the design and management of data warehouse (DW) and business intelligence (BI) systems. The course is organized around the following general topics: business value of data, planning and business requirements, architecture, data design, implementation, business intelligence, deployment, data integration, and emerging challenges. Practical examples and examples are given during the course. Students of MIS 633 must also enroll in the 1-credit lab course MIS 634 Business Intelligence & Data Integration Lab.

This course covers basic concepts in optimization and heuristic search, with an emphasis on process improvement and optimization. This course emphasizes the application of mathematical optimization models to the underlying mathematics of their algorithms. Although the skills developed in this course are applicable to a very wide range of business problems, case studies and student exercises focus on the following areas: healthcare, logistics and supply chain optimization, capital budgeting, asset management, portfolio analysis. Many of the exercises for students involve the use of Microsoft Excel’s Solver add-in for mathematical optimization.

This course focuses on

Graduate Certificate In Analytics (sim E Learning)

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